Who Gives This Bride in Marriage?

250-father-with-brideAs a Palm Springs, CA Wedding Officiant I think this is an important question when I co-create the wedding ceremony with the couple. I ask the Bride if she wants to be “given into marriage” or “presented into marriage.” Her response depends a lot upon the kind of wedding day she imagines.

Emotions can run high as she considers “who” will be escorting her down the aisle. She may have always assumed it would be her father. However in today’s world, it might be her biological father, step-father, a grandfather from her family or even the groom’s grandfather as in the wedding I did last weekend, an uncle, mentor, or good family friend. Sometimes the biological father walks her half way and the stepfather who raised her takes her the rest of the way or vice versa. Many of today’s brides want to be more inclusive by requesting that both parents escort the bride; or if she is older, it may be brothers or sons. When I ask “Who gives this bride into marriage?” the response might be “We do,” or “Her family and I do.” Cultures and faith traditions may play a role in her decision, but basically each bride should follow her heart because there are no rules!

It is my goal to write the processional and recessional format to produce a harmonious, smooth-flowing and joyous beginning and conclusion to the ceremony so the couple may focus on their Vows and the sharing of their love with family and friends. Contact me at www.anexceptionalwedding.com and let me help guide you to a stress-free wedding experience.

Joy and Blessings,

Rev. Patty Spicer

* Photo courtesy of  Mellany Miller Photography, http://www.mellanymiller.com/