I am pleased to share a small sample of what couples say about their wedding experience with me. My clients have told me that I am a charismatic speaker; and they have been very moved by my words that are filled with the tenderness, love, and support I feel for the brides and grooms and their families. Brides and grooms also have expressed their gratitude that my flexibility, calm and positive manner, and careful attention to detail have given them a joyous and relaxed worry-free, stress-free experience.


“We can’t thank you enough for putting together the most beautiful wedding ceremony; it was very personal, romantic and loving which was exactly what we wanted. Your personal touches were amazing and heartfelt to us as well as our two guests, we never thought a wedding for two could be so grandiose. Giving us our whole ceremony in writing as a gift was the icing on the cake, your gift will truly be a treasure for us to enjoy for years to come. You have created memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you for being a part of our most precious day of our lives.”
Denise & Jim

“When we finally decided on how we wanted our wedding ceremony to be presented, we realized it was not going to be easy to find somebody who would fit our unique image and requests. We came across Patty’s webpage that promised an “extraordinary custom ceremony designed exactly as you want it.” From the beginning, Patty showed great interest in our desires to create a unique and spiritual experience both for us and our guests. She was able to incorporate some traditional elements found in most weddings with our cultural expressions that invoked a sense of awe. She worked gracefully in a ceremony that contained Aztec dancers who were an intricate part of the blessing. At times, she even did this in Spanish! Her personal touches truly did exceed our expectations. A creative personal story from our interviews caused us and our audience to laugh and cry. Her work warranted comments such as: “I really liked when she told your stories” to “I’ve never seen a reverend do all that. That was cool!” We watch the videos and look at the pictures almost daily and think of how blessed we were to have had Patty conduct our ceremony. Thank you, Patty, for giving us a lifetime of special memories.”
Veronica and Artemio

“We were so fortunate to have such a wonderful and lovely person doing our special ceremony. I spoke with Rev. Patty Spicer from my home in Canada, because we wanted to be married in Palm Springs, CA. It was such a delight to speak to her: it was if I had known her for my entire life. We had great conversation; and I knew she was the perfect “Rev.” for Gary and me!! We loved the sense of humor, kindness and professionalism Rev. Patty portrayed on our wedding day! She is just a lovely, warm-hearted lady. I would recommend anyone to have her officiate on their very special day!! Anyone that is from Canada and wants an “Exceptional Wedding” ceremony, please I strongly recommend Rev. Patty Spicer!! Thank you Rev. Patty for making our day one of the best days of our lives!!”
Sheri and Gary

“We just wanted to thank Rev. Patty for making our wedding ceremony so unique and personal for us. She took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us one-on-one to create a wedding ceremony that was special to us. She made sure we chose what was said and performed. Our guests loved the love story and we especially loved the sand ceremony. She spoke in both English and Spanish for our out-of-country guests. We will remember our special day forever! Rev. Patty is caring, charming, and of course, exceptional!”
Patty and Jean (John)

“It goes without saying that Carolyn and I are appreciative of all you did to make May 23rd a very special memory for us! During a very busy time for us, not to mention that short time frame of preparation we provided you with, you guided us step by step both in advance, and the evening of, through what was a seamless, well-thought out and beautiful ceremony! What was most impressive was that you pointed us in action and thought direction we would have not considered to culminate in a very memorable ceremony full of beautiful thought content and feelings. I felt throughout the ceremony that you had known us a long time, and the care and compassion you shared with us that evening was both comforting and heartfelt. Know that we appreciate all the guidance and support you gave us. The professionalisms with which you conducted yourself was very much appreciated, and it was a pleasure (ours) to have been fortunate for you to start our new lives together as one. Feel free to give my number to any persons considering retaining your services and I will gladly provide the highest level of recommendation!”
Richard and Carolyn

“We wanted to both thank you again for everything that you did for our wedding ceremony. The wedding was everything we dreamed of and more. We’ve both received many compliments about the ceremony — everyone loved the personal touch you gave with our love story. We are so happy that you were a part of our special day and we will never forget that day.
Jenny and Alex

“Reverend Patty Spicer truly lives up to her company’s name. We never expected our wedding ceremony to be as special as she made it. She works with her clients (bride and groom), and personalizes the ceremony to fit the religions, customs, traditions of each person. We are extremely happy with her work. We highly recommend her “Rose Exchange.”
Liza and Steven

“We were so pleased that you were available on short notice and still gave us a ceremony that was so loving, meaningful, and personal. We wanted a casual, intimate wedding for our family and friends and it turned out to be just perfect for us! Thank you again, Rev. Patty, for making our day so very special.
Maureen and Jerry

” ¡Muchas Gracías, Rev. Patty! You made our wedding wonderful. We were so glad that you could perform the ceremony all in Spanish for us. Our families understood every word, and were so happy for us. We will tell other friends to call you for the perfect bi-lingual or Spanish wedding.
Lizeth and Humberto

” How lucky we were to find an Officiant who took the time to really get to know us and what we wanted our dream wedding to feel like. Thank you for guiding us through it all and helping to make our stress disappear. It was perfect in every way. Thank you, Rev. Patty, for giving us an exceptional wedding memory!
Sarah and Brian

“Caring, compassionate, creative, flexible, fun, and professional” are just some of the words that describe you. Rev. Patty, you did a super job telling our love story and our friends were amazed at how personal and unique you made our wedding. We will be grateful always and think of you especially on our anniversaries!”
Joanne and Jim

“I just want to thank you for such a spectacular job!!! The ceremony was amazing and I am very glad that we kept the rose ceremony. You were incredible. Several guests came up to us and said that they have never heard such a meaningful ceremony. All agreed that it was the best they had ever heard. There were several who cried and as we know…they laughed. You were brilliant. We are so happy and appreciate of what you did and the time and effort and thought that you put into the event. You made our wedding “Exceptional.” We were so surprised by the beautiful presentation of our marriage certificate and ceremony. It was so beautiful. Thank you so much!!!”
Joe and Rene’

“Thank you for the most beautiful wedding ceremony we have ever seen. Your personal touch, Rev. Patty, was unsurpassed by any we have ever witnessed. The ceremony exceeded our expectations, and we have heard from many other objective observers only similar praises. Our ceremony is a gift of exquisite memories we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.”
Leslie and Michael

“Rev. Patty, the enormity of your contribution to the successful fulfillment of the wedding dreams of two young people in love, cannot be overstated. Personally and professionally, you were a “class act.” From the appreciative parents of the Bride and the ecstatic couple, we send heartfelt thanks.”
Jan and Ira

“Our experience with Rev. Patty was absolutely wonderful. She was so accommodating with every aspect of our ceremony and incorporated unique ways to include our son in this special day. Her caring nature put us all at ease which made our day that much more enjoyable. We were incredibly happy with Rev. Patty and give her our highest recommendation.”
Jennifer and Michael

“We want to thank you so much for giving us the most memorable marriage ceremony; and also, let you know we thought it was so very, very special. Our love story, the vows, ring ceremony. Sand and Rose ceremonies and the final Apache Wedding Blessing were so wonderful. When the high winds eliminated our park location, you opened your home to “our” family and it turned out to be the best ceremony we could have hoped for. Thank you for making our day…’The most Special Day’ we could imagine!”
Penny and Debbie

“As we are about to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we are reminded of the beautiful wedding ceremony you officiated for us. From the very beginning, your warm and caring manner was so comforting. We were so pleased how you intertwined our personal back grounds and experiences into our wedding vows. We loved the reading of the Indian blessing to reflect JoAnn’s background; and the joining of two candles into one unity candle. Also, the exchange of roses we continue to do on each anniversary. You were especially creative in bringing our families together during the ceremony. We remember the tears of love as a rose was presented to the step daughter. Rev. Patty, we thank you again for all you have meant in our lives.”
Wes and JoAnn

“Thank you for the beautiful gift copy of our whole wedding ceremony. We read it over and over to each other on our Honeymoon, and loved it all over again! We decided we will read it every anniversary, too. The wedding was absolutely perfect and exactly what we wanted to say to one another and our guests. We feel you have become a good friend and we want to stay in touch.”
Druanne and David

“Thank you again for everything, Rev. Patty. You did such a wonderful job. It was very touching. We’ve had so many comments about you—“so different, so special’—our guests loved you. We did too! Can’t thank you enough for all the time and energy you put into this ceremony. We will have beautiful memories always.”
Michele and David

“Reverend Patty created the most special wedding for us. It was very personal, special, and memorable, as weddings should be. It was really extraordinary, because she amazingly fashioned such an intimate setting of joy, although we had almost 400 guests! She took care of all the details, and helped us celebrate and truly bless our new marriage and life together; not just the wedding ceremony. We highly recommend Reverend Patty because she really will create an exceptional wedding for you!”
Anne and Edward

“Even after 15 years of marriage, we continue to have such fond affection for Reverend Patty and the gorgeous Palm Desert wedding she planned. She helped us focus on what was important to us as a couple, and then she found a beautiful way to translate that into a meaningful and lovely ceremony. She has a talent for highlighting what is important and special to us as individuals, and then bringing those key qualities into the wedding. You can relax and be confident, knowing that you are working with a competent, reliable and very positive person, who takes her responsibilities very seriously, but will make sure you and your guests enjoy your special vows!”
Terri and Daniel

“We cannot say enough good things about Reverend Patty. She asked us so many questions when we first met her, and she paid attention to us as a couple. She really cared about getting the details right. It seems like so many things are rushed through without much thought these days, but that is definitely not her style. She was efficient because she knew we were busy professionals, but she took the time to make sure that our wedding reflected our priorities and personalities. She was interested in us, and our families were so delighted with the end result. We received many compliments on the ceremony! Our wedding was intimate; we smiled a lot, we laughed, and even shed a poignant tear or two. Reverend Patty made sure that we knew that we were embarking on the most wonderful phase of our lives, and through it all, we felt like we were the most magical couple in the world. We are lucky we found her because she made our wedding so amazing!”
Christine & Jack

“Your service for us for renewing our marriage vows was wonderful, and we will remember it always with thanks, love, and respect. This is something I wanted to do ever since Marlene’s daughters were not able to come to our October marriage in Omaha. I wanted them to see how totally in love I am with their mother. You made this not only possible, but a wonderful, never to be forgotten event. We’ll always be grateful to you and you’ll have a place in our hearts forever.”
Love, John and Marlene

“The officiant is not really something my wife and I thought very much about at the time. We both knew we wanted someone non-denominational as my wife was of a different religion, but that was about the extent of our thoughts going into looking for an officiant. We thought we would just meet with an officiant and that would be it, they would show up do something they had scripted and we would be on with it. Rev. Patty Spicer woke us up when we met with her. She took the time to know the both of us personally, and really made the ceremony very intimate for the both of us while still being able to share ourselves with our family and friends at our wedding. The readings were all carefully chosen with who we were, traditions were taken accounted for, and new ideas we never would have thought of were introduced to us. We both wanted our ceremony to reflect who we were without keeping one family out, so we opted to not include many traditional wedding ceremony pieces from each side, but instead opted with a hand tying/fasting part of the ceremony, which we both believe allowed us to make it very personal as the colors we chose symbolized our relationship together. We never would have thought about doing something like this without Rev. Spicer’s assistance. Another idea we loved was the personal questionnaire. She sent us off with some homework, we had a questionnaire to answer, the first five questions we were to answer together, while the last five we both would answer separately, and would find out what each other had answered the day of the ceremony. It kept both my wife and I in anticipation of the big day, and it felt amazing to find out how we answered, how similar the answers were, how much we knew each other, and how much we loved each other. Because of Rev. Spicer, we believe deeply we wouldn’t have been able to have a ceremony as personal as this. She really helped guide us into making our wedding ceremony one of a kind. ”
Jayrom 11-16