Take Time to Create A Special Wedding Memory

250-memoriesAlthough I have a long history of Wedding Event Planning, my passion as a Wedding Officiant/Minister is creating personalized, exceptional wedding ceremonies that are unique and memorable of each couple’s love story. Through the collaboration of the three of us, we form a warm trusting bond of friendship. I often get to know family members, especially at the rehearsal.

Usually, there is a strong bond between the mother and the bride as they spend hours together planning and anticipating the details of the wedding day. It is lovely to see. The father of the bride is honored and proud that he will be walking his “little girl” down the aisle. He is often left out of the details, but is expected to pay for the wedding if he can. Then comes the actual wedding day and the bride is excited and completely focused on the ceremony and the following reception party. It is “ShowTime!”

I encourage the bride to take time to create a special wedding memory. Give some thought to spending a few private minutes with your Dad. When he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time-it is a gift that both of you will always treasure. Be sure someone catches his expression on camera. Take the time to thank him for being such a good role model and a loving father. Tell him how much you love him and appreciate his making the wedding of your dreams possible. Share your heart feelings with him before you come down the aisle. In years to come, this memory will be special for both of you like the vows you will share with your husband-to-be.

Let me help you create your magical, fun, and memorable wedding as you share your unconditional love in a lifetime commitment. Together, we can make it exceptional! For more information visit my website at https://www.anexceptionalwedding.com.

Joy and blessings,

Rev. Patty Spicer

* Photo courtesy of  Mellany Miller Photography, http://www.mellanymiller.com/