Playing with Tradition (Part 2)

250-couple-garterHave you been thinking about what kind of wedding customs you want to incorporate into your ceremony? Do you imagine yourself joyously experiencing all the familiar beautiful traditions that you have dreamt about since childhood? Have you ever wondered if their history makes sense for you or if you would like to revamp or toss some of those to suit your personalities? Here is a little more history continued from my earlier blog post that might help you decide.

Writer Arlene Stewart said that the garter toss originated during the 14th century. Garter belts were used to hold up the bride’s leg coverings. Although the custom was for the bride to throw her garter to the men—the one who caught it would hypothetically be the next to marry—inebriated men sometimes tried taking the garter off the bride themselves. The practice eventually evolved to today’s tradition—leaving garter removal to the groom in order to protect the bride from groping guests. Some modern wedding consultants have commented that they think it is sort of embarrassing and odd.

The bouquet toss may also be on the wane. The tradition originated in 14th century England: Wedding guests would try to grab pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers to share in her good fortune. To escape, the bride would throw her bouquet at them. The single woman who caught it, it was said, would be the next to marry. Today, many couples don’t want to interrupt the dancing to throw flowers. The bouquet toss also can embarrass the single women there.

250-cutting-wedding-cakeIn place of an elaborate white iced wedding cake, some couples are choosing to personalize their cakes or are skipping the cake altogether. This dessert actually did not even originate as cake. In weddings in ancient Rome, grains were thrown at the couple to symbolize fertility and fruitfulness. During the Middle Ages, grains were used to create a lumpy type of sweetmeat biscuit that was given to guests—to share the couple’s wealth and prosperity. Dense cakes of fruit and molasses evolved into tiered layers in 1660s; and in the 1840s, wedding cakes looked like they do now. Couples today are rethinking sweets. They are choosing cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies with shots of milk, or ice cream cones. Do you love the long-time traditions or are you eager to create your own?

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