Playing with Tradition (Part 1)

250-wedding-couple-01Are you planning to include traditional customs in your celebration? Some couples are setting aside quaint, archaic wedding customs. You might be surprised to learn their sources and if they are right for your wedding. Many customs observed today evolved from those practiced centuries ago. Some remain the same even though the original reason no longer exists.

For example, the bride’s and groom’s families usually sit on opposite sides of the church or synagogue during the ceremony because in the fifth century Northern European barbarian period, fathers gave daughters to warring tribes as peace offerings, said Arlene Stewart, author of “A Bride’s Book of Wedding Traditions.” To avoid hostilities, tribes were separated during the ceremony.

Note: At An Exceptional Wedding in the greater Palm Springs area, I encourage the bride’s family and the groom’s family to reverse the typical seating so the bride’s family is seated on the right and the groom’s on the left of the aisle. This way the families can look at the couple’s faces during the ceremony and not just see the back of them. The wedding party came about to ensure that the union would actually happen. Bridesmaids were dressed the same as the bride to confuse anyone who would try to return the bride to her family.

Some couples want to maintain traditional customs because they love tradition and are doing it because it means so much to them. Some couples should not embrace every tradition just because it is tradition. They can create a wedding that reflects their personalities. Many don’t know the origin and have no connection to it. It’s important for couples to kick off their marriages in a way that is unique and individual to them. Many couples drop or revamp the customs to suit their personalities. Some choose not to have a wedding cake, a bridal party or garter and bouquet tosses, and choose different colors for their bridesmaid’s dresses.

Learn more about the history of our wedding customs in part two of this blog post. See if you are comfortable with these familiar traditions or if you are more adventurous. I can help you design and plan your wedding to have taste, elegance and poignancy and tells your love story—with a hint of whimsy and humor. I am booking weddings for 2013 and 2014 now.

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