My Approach to an Exceptional Wedding

I create and perform unique customized religious, non-denominational, secular, spiritual and interfaith wedding ceremonies in breathtaking venues in the location of your choice. I am available for custom wedding planning service, as well. I create cherished memories one love story at a time. My ceremonies are joyful and fun celebrations that are also personal, romantic, beautiful and spiritual. Just as two threads woven in opposite directions form a beautiful tapestry, so your lives when merged together will make a beautiful marriage. Although each wedding ceremony is individually customized to reflect the values, preferences and style of the bride and groom, a constant theme or thread through every one is the power of unconditional love. My ceremonies are about that special love. With my spontaneous sense of humor and being fully present in the moment, I am able to capture the emotions and energy around me and express words of joy, love, tenderness and support for the couple and their families. Guests leave feeling profoundly touched by tears and laughter, uplifted, and reminded of the importance of the love in their own lives.

The heart of your wedding is the ceremony. Your exchange of vows is perhaps the most intimate and authentic moment in your life together. It is a great gift you give to families and friends to allow them to bear witness to that intimacy. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, my wedding ceremony is designed as an art form weaving in the threads of the couple’s individual desires and traditions to form a single wedding tapestry. My creativity is inspired by my collaboration with the bride and groom and comes from meeting with each couple at least once, or more if schedules permit, to listen to their dreams and form a warm connection and comfortable intimacy and bond with them. Also, my flexibility, sensitivity, and authentic warmth, help me to work with people with blended families and traditions and those who want to remarry or desire commitment ceremonies. I am skilled at weaving in children (even pets) as participants in the vows and ceremony.