Creative Ceremony Features Enhance and Make Your Ceremony Unique

250-hawaiian-wedding-01I just did a Hawaiian Theme wedding this past weekend for Megan and Taylor; and I have two more scheduled in the next couple of months. These couples wanted a destination wedding in the Palm Springs-Coachella Valley area but wanted to imagine they were on the beaches of Hawaii! Of course, we have palm trees, desert sand, gorgeous scenery with mountains, golf courses, abundant flowers, but the roaring ocean waves are replaced with waterfalls and lakes. At An Exceptional Wedding we can suggest creative ceremony features to help bring the couples’ vision to fruition.

If you like the idea of a Hawaiian Theme, you might consider the Hawaiian Lei Exchange ritual. In Hawaii, in the memory of the islands and their wedding ceremonies, the Lei has been a traditional MAKANA – a gift exchanged between bride and groom. LEI ALOHA-Necklaces of Love-are offered and accepted open-heartedly as they give of their beauty. The lei is a symbol of love. The Bride and Groom are given the opportunity to speak a few simple Hawaiian phrases. It is very different, and a tender and loving ritual. If you want to know more about the actual Lei Exchange, contact me at

Of course, many of our couples choose the more traditional enhancements such as: the Red Rose Exchange; Sand Blending and Family Sand Blending; Apache Wedding Blessing; Hand Blessing; Unity Candle; Mothers Rose Presentation; Ceremonial Dove Release; Butterfly Release; Wine Ceremony; Breaking of the Glass Ceremony; Coin Ceremony; Veil and Cord/Lasso Ceremony; Jumping The Broom; Hand-Fasting Ceremony, etc.

What’s your style? What appeals to you?

Call me at 760-346-7955 and we will come up with something unique to make your ceremony memorable and very special.

Joy and blessings,

Rev. Patty Spicer