Affairs of the Heart

As a Wedding Minister in the Palm Springs area, I am constantly reminded that we have the perfect climate, beautiful and spectacular locations, and “playground” activities that attract destination weddings.  Weddings are made of romantic memories and strong emotions. Families and friends reunite for the joyous occasion. Weddings are affairs of the heart.

We often say we “love” family, friends, a favorite book, song, or movie, our pets, hot fudge sundaes, etc. Wedded love is different. Love and the promise of a lifetime commitment are the beginnings of a healthy marriage and a happy relationship. Love is not defined by color, ethnicity, age, faith, or sex. I have married a broad spectrum of loving couples from their teens through their 80’s and all had a strong loving connection to live their lives together forever. I feel blessed that I can share in the joy of first weddings, second weddings, and vow renewals. I am also officiating at same sex weddings again.
Recently, I performed a joyous garden wedding ceremony for John and Michael.  They have been partners for more than 35 years.  It was an emotional, tender time with tears and laughter in front of their best friends.  Their love and delight in being legally united after their long wait was a beautiful experience.  It was truly an affair of the heart—and I love that I am in this Love Business!

Photography by Arlene Spring

Photography by Arlene Spring

Although I did legal same sex weddings in 2008 in California, and commitment ceremonies before and after that, it is now legal once more, since June, 2013.  It means that there is marriage equality with all the privileges and responsibilities, tax parity, fiscal relief, and the pride and joy of legitimacy of their married love. It means these partners are now allowed into their spouse’s hospital rooms to be there during end-of-life transition, and to be involved in wise medical decisions with the medical staff.

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